I would like to end the process.
In Task Manager, but it is not the end.
So I want a different way.

This process changes the port randomly.
PID is also random.

How to exit from this situation?

I need a source to bat.

Process Search> PID Search> PID using the following command:>


netstat-a-n-o | find ":% port%"

"kill% target%"

Processes are assigned "random" (sequential) pids by the operating system when started up. You can determine what PIDs are assigned to which processes with the 'ps' command and then use the 'kill pid' command to kill a specific process. You can also kill a specific named process with the 'killall name' command. The netstat command is useful for determining which ports are in use by which processes. FWIW, a server process will use a pre-defined port to listen on for connection requests, and once it accepts such a request, it will get a socket with a private port (randomly assigned) for the client to communicate on.

So, since it is obvious you are new to this domain, it should be noted that you CANNOT pre-determine the PID assigned to a process, and though a server process can use a pre-defined port to listen on and accept connections on, you cannot pre-define the port that will be used for the client<->server communication channel. Don't try - doesn't work! :-)

Thank you rubberman for support.
I want to terminate the process should not end in the usual way.

Port and IP in random changes in real-time.

So I shut down the name of the process to debug, but found a way to

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