I have an idea to create my own blog, so give your suggestions about the popular blog category?

Well, I think I have seen this question somewhere else or who knows it may be DejaVu anyway you as this whole life is serious I would say the most popular blog category would be something funny like create a blog where you have shared some funny new around the globe it can also be some funny facts or funny news or something similar !

Oh is it?

Fine, I will take your opinion for creating my personal blog. Thanks for your response...

If you want to create a blog, that means you probably already have some ideas. Generally, people create blogs because they have some passion they want to let out in a creative way.

Don't create a blog based on what you think are popular topics.
Create a blog about what you are passionate about.

Well @DavidB most of the people always have idead but I have also seen some people first seek idea and I guess @sasikudo is someone who are in search of ideads ! :D

I suggest you the recent trends and activities of the world..Which means , you start any blog for recent happens in the world...

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