I have a news website. I'm trying to ranked in google, but can't seem to be able to. My site is, theseatonpost.com. I have backlinks, but none are showing up on google.

Hi Arthur

How did you acquire the backlinks? Is it possible you've violated Google's webmaster guidelines in some way?

Note that back links aren't the only ranking factor. It's important to have original content on your site. If Google finds the same content elsewhere, it will attempt to identify the original source. The original will be displayed in preference and any copies will be masked from search results. Does your site contain much duplicate content?

You may also want to check that Google and visitors to your site see the same content. Try the 'fetch as google bot' tool in Google Webmaster Tools.

Viewing a site without javascript or styles enabled can sometimes help to understand what crawlers see. Is the content too sparse? Does it resemble a portal or list of links?

No, I don't buy backlinks. The links I do have, I got organically. I haven't done anything that would violate google's rules. I'm very careful about that. I have a news site, so some of my articles are from AP, Times of Israel, Fox and CNN. But I have plenty of original material on it also. I've used 'fetch'. It works.

Hi Arthur,
You can use Google Webmaster tools. and I am 100% confirms.You will be successfully.

I've checked GWT. I have two stories that it says have over 14,000 links each. I'm wondering if I should delete those, as they may be problematic. No way a Taco Bell story is going to generate 14,000 links! Do you think they may be spam and that is keeping my links from showing up? I probably have 20 incoming links if I don't count Taco Bell.

If Google detects unnatural links to a site I believe they'll notify you via GWT. Did you receive a notice?

Although 14,000 links sounds a lot there can be a perfectly valid explanations. For example, what would happen if your link appeared on a dynamically generated page with a unique URL? Telling Google about any query string parameters used might help, if the linking site is under your control. This type of issue is fairly common and expect Google is clever enough to recognize such links. I wouldn't be surprised if they treat a thousand links as one, if coming from a single domain.

It might look more suspicious if you had suddenly gained a few hundred in-bound links from multiple domains. I wouldn't be too concerned about the 14k links.

IN such a competitive internet marketing feild it's not so easy to rank up among search engine.Need some more efforts and advanced seo strategies

True, the market is competitive. But doesn't it seem odd that Art's site has zero PR, given that Google has crawled so many pages?

Thanks for everybody's help. I guess I'll just keep chugging along!

Art, the sitemap in your root directory contains nearly 400 items. I only checked a few of the URLs, but most of them look like they point to articles found on AP, CNN, etc. You're asking Google to crawl content they've almost certainly seen already. It's unlikely (unless I'm a banana) that you'll ever be able to out rank the original source.

You've also assigned each one a high priority (0.8). The priority tag gives search engines a hint as to what you think is important on your site, and it's relative to content on your site. By default, your other content will have a priority of 0.5. So currently, you're telling Google the best content on your site is from other sources!

I'm not professing that fixing this will resolve your ranking issues, but why not use sitemaps to promote YOUR content?

Bear in mind that search engines allocate only a limited amount of time for crawling each site. Sites that are of low quality probably get less time than others. By thinning out a sitemap you can make it easier for them to crawl and thus index your content.

I have uploaded my sitemap in google webmaster tools.It only indexed very less pages.Then how i believe that sitemap can work well.Is there any site to submit my sitemaps.

Yes, I do get some news from AP and others, but I also have my own articles. Yes, I see what you're saying about the sitemap issue. I have set my sitemap back to default. Is the default the best way to go? How can I get my articles to the top of the crawl? Should I put my name on the top or can I just use my site name? I've only been doing this website thing for about 9 mo. so I'm pretty lame on it still. Thanks for any help.

you start off page optimization and get ranking on Google

1) Page Title
2) Words on the page
3) Keywords in the URL
4) (Domain Links) Links to your website as a whole (number and quality of links matter)
5) (Specific Page Links) Links pointing directly at that page (quality, number, anchor text and Google PageRank of links matter)

6) Avoiding Google’s quality filters that filter out low quality pages and low quality websites

Keep eye on On-page for website then defenotely you will get result...

you can work on off-page optimization and on-page optimization.
and take a dofollow backlinks then you can take a ranking in
google, and you can using seo tools to optimize your website.

How can I get my articles to the top of the crawl?

Tell Google your articles are more important than other content on your site. Give the URLs a relatively high priority in your sitemap.

Don't bury your content. Rewrite the URLs so that your articles appear closer to the root folder, e.g.

Should I put my name on the top or can I just use my site name?

Why not Both? Google seem to be keen on identifying authors, so I think this would be a great idea. Best to avoid claiming authorship of external content though. You don't want to get mistaken for a content scraper.

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Thanks for everybodys help. I'll work on all suggestions. How often does google udate ranking? Does anybody know?

Same Problem happes with me Also
I have uploaded my sitemap in google webmaster tools.It only indexed very less pages.Then how i believe that sitemap can work well.Is there any site to submit my sitemaps.?
Can any Expert have answer On this Question?

Is there any site to submit my sitemaps?

You shouldn't really need to. So long as a reference to the sitemap has been included in your robots.txt file, all the main public search engines should pick it up automatically.

How often does google udate ranking?

Quite frequently, apparently. But the PageRank seen in Google's toolbar is only updated roughly every quarter, which makes it quite a blunt tool.

So, I could be ranked 9/10 and not know it.(FAT chance) I'll be happy with a 1/10 right now!

Blog Commenting and Directory Submission is the best way of Increase your SERP in Google.

Gaining a ranking of 1 would not be unreasonable after nine months work. It's possible your site may have been penalized for some reason. As in-bound links don't appear to be the issue, perhaps there's a Panda holding your site back.

Are there any similarities between your site and the type of site that Google's Panda algorithm is designed to catch?

First you need remove your low quality back links. than you need to summit high page rank website sure with 30 day you will get ranks..

There are so many factors are working to get rank but as you told that your website got 14K links from different sites but as my point of view might be well worthy. Do you have check some of back links are actually found from Google webmaster tools because of they only shows those back links which websites are approved your links, but then after some of websites are remove your links for some reasons so just find out the actual back link you gain from different sites.