It seems that all of a sudden, some threads have 50 or more tags (e.g., the C++ forum). They seem to have just appeared, and take up a significant space in the listing (6 or 7 rows of tags below each post). Shouldn't there be some limit or something?

Yeah, I was trying to auto tag articles and obviously there was a bug I didn't catch and now I'm trying to figure out a way to fix the situation.

Great, all work for nothing.

obviously there was a bug I didn't catch and now I'm trying to figure out a way to fix the situation.

Dry run mode; always!

Prit, huh??

Sanjay, I did a couple of dry runs! It worked then!

Am sure we chatted about it. Was weeding out useless tags, but now they're back, and even more than before.

Sorry prit, I don't remember a conversation?? :(

Sanjay, I did a couple of dry runs! It worked then!

Not sure I understand. You ran with dry run mode over all the threads in your db, printed out the tags against each thread and still went with the actual run? :) I'm talking about something like this:

def addTags(thread, dryRun=False):
    for thread in threads:
        tags = getTags(thread)
        if dryRun:
            print 'Would have persisted tags: %s for thread: %s' % (tags, thread)
            persistTags(thread, tags)

Yes, something like that, but I just printed out a couple hundred random test cases, was happy with the results, and said, "OK good to go!" and then ran it over a million rows.

Either way, problem is being solved tonight :)

Should be fixed. Autotagging now working as intended ... but can always be improved upon ;)

I love the idea of auto-tagging -- and agree on finding ways to improve it. Maybe...

If there is a way to kill an auto-tag (as either an original poster or higher-level user?) so as to improve relevance in search results -- perhaps by adding a potential 'X' button?

e.g. my introduction post got attached the auto-tag 'highschool' and it really didn't have much to do with high school at all.

OK, needs more work then :) Any member who has at least 5 posts and has been a member for at least 5 days has the ability to tag/untag.

Just checked your community intro: It actually has no tags, and wasn't auto-tagged for high school. Instead what you were seeing was the tag cloud at the bottom of the page. Because the specific article hasn't been tagged for anything specific, we create a 'tag cloud' for the entire Community Introductions forum as a whole. You'll notice how that differs with, let's say, this thread where it says "View similar articles that have also been tagged: tags development software"

Thank you for enlightening me.

I didn't know / notice the difference.

I am still discovering more and more about this site's structure, and I find it fascinating.

You have so many gears and cogs running, and I envy the work put in to get them all working in harmony -- and I love it.

I am eventually going to look for this legendary code snippet repository, because there's a chance I'll raid it for knowledge.

The idea is to create a product that is easy-to-use right from the start, but can "grow with you" and the more time you invest, the more features and functionality you can discover, without it being overwhelming or requiring a learning curve to figure out how to post.

As you said, everything works together in harmony, including our code snippets. Simply drill down into the forum category you're interested in, and you'll be presented with a single timeline of everything relevant to that category. You can optionally filter by type.