Hello I want to ask u for the classification tag.
Hw it is important in SEO?

wht should be the contents of tht?
is it some how related with google directory?
if yes thn wht will the contents?
anf if no thn use of this tag?

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This tag serves no purpose in SEO.

Earlier the classification tag has prominence, but now SE's never look for it.

I have never even heard of it. What does it do?

The theory is that it will tell the search engines what category your site falls into. They don't need to use it because their algorithms already do that.

A very few search engines (i.e. - Netscape) use this tag to determine how to classify your web page. For example, a classification of "Shopping" would place your site in a category of "Shopping".

<meta name="Classification" content="text">

Text is the desired classification.

<meta name="classification" content="Internet">

This classifies the content of this site as being about the internet.

The META "Classification" tag is outdated - I personally see no effective reason to include it within your web pages.

Hope this helps.

can we use same classification tag in all pages of website or only one page of website

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