I have recently submitted a tutorial under 3D modelling. What exactly is the criteria for the review process?

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Thanks, just curious what the process is? Do the moderators get an email of an upcoming tutorial or do you just check the editorial/view page ad hoc.

I've just submitted another it has been in the queue for at least two days?


The process is that once you create a tutorial draft, it will be in this anti-chamber where you can edit it, save, edit, save, etc.. until you are happy with it. At that point, you should send a PM to one of the editorial members (happygeek, Dani, ..?) to get it approved. If it's good they will publish it as a tutorial. Moderators do not have any special powers when it comes to those editorial articles, they cannot publish them, nor review / revise them before they get published. That's the process, unless things have changed since the last time I published one.


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I think Mike makes some good points.

A few suggestions, perhaps it would be beneficial to automatically deliver an email so that as soon as a user ticks the 'final draft' box you automatically get an email.

Second, and far more pertinent, I think the moderators of that particular forum, should be allowed in the review process.

Tutorials are a different beast to snippets, they need to be of high quality and technically correct whilst written and formatted correctly.

For example, a c++ tutorial should be vetted by say mike. Of course, there are certain tutorials that cannot be vetted probably there are no moderators with such expertise, for example the last one I submitted.

In that case it is left up to the super mod's discertion (Dani & Happygeek)?



I think the moderators of that particular forum, should be allowed in the review process

Absolutely agree. More often than not I see a tutorial posted that I am in no position to be able to review as I simply don't know the subject matter well enough to determine if it is accurate/worthy/misleading etc etc.

I'd like a proper peer review process, and involving the mods makes perfect sense to me as the initial first line of that process; the ongoing review happens once it is published and the community use the comments system of course.


I think the moderators of that particular forum, should be allowed in the review process.

As far as I know a moderator is not specific to any particular forum. I have moderator "powers" in all forums. I just choose to exercise them in forums that interest me or that I feel I have expertise in.

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I agree that moderators should have access to the editorial articles before they are published and there should be some review process that allows the author or Davey/Dani to ask specific moderators to take a look at the article before it gets approved.

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