Hi,I was wondering if anybody had some good C++ tutorial or Books. I want to learn C++ really badly.I really want to start learnig at and early age. I know Java,VB.net but, I need a more powerful language that can do much more.I'm 13 but, don't get me wrong I'm not a noob. I know how a computer works, I know what a compiler is,I know all that jazz but, i just need good tutorials. Everytime I look up C++ tutorials it's some foreign guy with an accent I can't understand and when I do find one it's some guy who doesn't even know what he is talking about it's like he's reading out of a C++ book while recording. Maybe some links or PDFs?

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check out the video tutorials at thenewboston(also has channel on youtube)

but to study in detail i recommend that you buy some books too, study them and do some questions given in the book after every chapter.


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