Almost every single topic I'll start will start with OP Kudos:? Just because I have +18 on reputation now? Not all of the questions I ask are that extremely important, some are just normal question where I ask you to share your knowledge, or I ask your opinion. Sure, it's great that good contributors get awarded, but I feel that because of me, status of the topic (OP Kudos:), is worth less.

Can we leave no special button whether to turn it on and/or turn it off? I would use it (like I actually did), when my laptop was broken and I REALLY needed help, that was something that was really urgent to me. But just couple seconds ago I asked regular question, about servers, Linux, HTTP responses etc., it's just regular question, nothing special about it, but still, it received "OP Kudos:" badge.

It's not like every single dumb question I ask, has to be taken excessively seriously and answered as soon as possible. I try not to spam them, I try to do my research (even if I sometimes forget it). But whenever I ask "dumb" question or really urgent one, topic always gets "OP Kudos:". Adding option "Add mark "OP Kudos" to this post." would be nice.

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Have you seen what the label says, when you hover with your mouse over it?

Yea, something alike to: "this thread author is highly respected community member", but I haven't done anything, I was just asking questions, I haven't posted a single tutorial. I haven't helped anybody. I just once started interested discussion (+4) and then iamthewee upvoted my post with sudo command (+14), I haven't done anything useful or fruitful for DaniWeb, I haven't earned it!


The purpose of the OP Kudos label is to single out those who are most active here on DaniWeb. There are so many newbies asking questions, not understanding how to politely ask a question, or using code tags, or understanding our unique rules, that we want a little label that basically says, 'This question is written by a true DaniWebber ... checking it out and clicking the link isn't going to be a waste of your time.'

Plus, it serves as the basis of our entire rewards point system. When DaniWebbers help other DaniWebbers, they make money :)


'This question is written by a true DaniWebber ... checking it out and clicking the link isn't going to be a waste of your time.'

Hold on a second, I feel strange warm feeling in my torso, not butterflies I tell ya. :)


You are a very valuable member RikTelner, and you certainly deserve that tag. There is no need to be an expert on everything (or anything, for that matter) to be respected and provide valuable contributions.

Most discussions here involve one or a few people needing help on something they don't understand, can't resolve on their own, or simply are curious to learn about, and then, you have the "experts" answering those questions. Both sides are equally valuable. We get lots of really bad "askers" who ask for homework handouts, who are impolite, who are trolling, or who just have a thick skull. You are the exact opposite of that, and the purpose of this tag is really just to reflect that. You've earned it.


Aw shucks guys, we're embarrassing the lad. Seems like you're a good guy Rik :)

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