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Not bad, yet I'm afraid quite a few applications won't be able to work with it just yet.

I've seen quite a few applications where errors like this are caught with

"if error == 404" -> not found
" else if error in < specific error code list > " -> general error
" else unknown error" -> default 'whoops, something went wrong' error message.

which will make it go somewhat 'unnoticed'.

Anyway, for future code, it might be a good point. It's the type of error I would never want to encounter, meaning it might be utmost important that we are aware it is this error we actually do encounter.


I think it's a great idea. Many of us think of China and North Korea when thinking of censorship, but this may help shed light on what our gvmts are actually up to. With a general move to the political right, you can just imagine these nasty little regimes popping up all over Europe in the next 20 years.

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