Our secret sauce is that we have a formula that can be trained to work across any industry or niche.

In our case, there is much more as to why you haven't been picked than your expertise in a certain programming language. In fact, we don't typically pick the top people. Much more important are the aspects of instant gratification that we are able to offer question askers. Upon asking a question, we want to hook them up with people who happen to be online, were online just recently, are "scheduled" to return soon based on behavior patterns, or have a proven track record of tending to return quickly upon receiving email notifications from us. Other things we look for are whether they responded to questions about similar topics in the past, how responsive they tend to be, whether they have had previous encounters with the question askerer, etc. For example, if you tend to ignore newbie questions, or questions asked by certain people in particular, we won't alert you when they are looking for help.

While every community and niche that uses Dazah obviously will have different needs, there is one thing that always will hold true: and that is that, regardless of the reasons you're looking to interact with someone, people always want as close as possible to instant gratification. By analyzing past behavior patterns, we are able to use machine learning to discover patterns between whom chooses to interact with whom, and what may trigger them to do so. These behavior patterns sit at the bottom of our algorithm, and then the stuff such as "DaniWeb requires the person be skilled at X in this case" are just fluff.

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