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   0   | 15
 1-10  | 4
11-20  | 1*
51-60  |  1
61-70  |  1
 > 100 |  3
(missing ranges = 0 posters)

Apart from the deceased, long departed etc, where did all the big posters go in 2016?

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I don't understand what those numbers represent.

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They are the number of posters in the top 25 on the stats page that have posted within those ranges of posts. 15 out of 25 have made no posts at all in 2016, 4 have made up 10, 1 made between 11 and 20 (Dani at 19!), etc
I'm aware that some members have moved on a long time ago (or died), but there are many on the list that seem to have stop posting recently and other prolific posters have posted much less this year.

A few years ago the ratio of A:B where

A = "Here's my homework. Do it for me." or "I'm too lazy/stupid to Google this myself".
B = "I'm stuck after putting in all this work. Can you please help?"

was much lower than it is these days. Perhaps that's part of the reason.

commented: C = spam. Seeing more of that too. Not as bad but it's a factor. +0

I also miss the dust-ups that I'd get into occasionally in the geeks lounge. Now that the geeks lounge has disappeared there is no place for general discussion.

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Very true. I was posting more to the lounge than in the programming forums for a while. I think it was vitally important for the wellbeing of the site. Your A:B comment strikes a strong chord too - a whole weekend can go by without a single worthwile post. I am all in favour of improving the codebase, but I think it may be at the expense of the memberbase, when there is still so little to do, even though this has been the issue for at least a year. I hate being a moaning minnie, but this is getting pretty pointless. :(

I miss the Lounge as well...

I thought it was a great place to exchange ideas. Programming forums are one thing. With a few exceptions, people didn't respond to questions unless they had an informed opinion/suggestion/solution. In the geeks lounge one feels less of an obligation to be an "expert". Of course, sometimes it just got silly - and that was ok too from time to time. I think the geeks lounge made Daniweb more of community than just a place to get help.

commented: I agree +0
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I'm going to be adding my name to the MIAs. Nothing left on here to do, been run into the ground. Take care and good luck all. May see you in the future. d.

commented: Hope things evolve here, good luck to you too diafol! +0

I didn't adjust to 'tags' yet

You can add my name to the MIAs as well. There just isn't anything interesting happening anymore and with still more surgery coming up in a couple of weeks I have more important things to occupy my time.

Wish you all the best Jim.
The last 3 weeks I spend more time in a hospital than at home.
Still at least two weeks to go ...
OK call me a MIA too for the moment.

Now a days it's rare to find those posts that fulfill the urge of learning and helping at the same time.
Because I'll tell you, the posts I most enjoy contributing to are those that I need to search at least a bit to make sure I do help instead of confusing more.

But for me to go out of my way and learn/check something new to help somebody i need to feel that they're putting at least the same amount of effort that i'm, and that's sooo rare these days.

Most of my posts recently are indeed mine, asking for linux tips or showing up some stuff i made.

But please tell me, what's that MIA you guys talk about? I've tried seaching it but only come up with some pretty singer =x

My treatment is working and >I'm getting better.
MIA stands for a lot of things, what about Missing In Action?

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