Hi, Daniweb, it's been a while.
I'm looking to do a mobile ssh-client (well, not quite a full client) that stores sensitive login information encrypted by a pattern-lock.
However, I know very little about encryption.
Can anyone recommend a good learning path - and by path, I mean Encryption for Dummies followed by Encryption for People Who've already Read the Dummies Book and so on.
From my limited google-searching, I found the Bouncy Castle API and I'm looking into that.

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encryption shouldn't be based on whether your app is mobile, web or standalone.
Never read a "for dummies" book. The only thing they really achieve in is making you believe you actually read something worth reading.

if a topic is worth reading: don't go for the "for dummies" edition. It's like reading the Donald Duck version of "War and Peace". Entertaining, sure, but it's just not the same.

Also: be more specific in what exactly you want: do you want to use an existing encryption library, or do you plan to write your own implementation?

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