Dani: Out of curiosity I tried clicking the RollBar ads in Programming and in Community Center..
When I clicked the one at the top of the page it just refreshed the page but without that ad.
When I clicked the one half way down it just refreshed my window.

I guess the advertiser was expecting that I would see something about RollBar?

JC (OSX 10.12.3 Safari)

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Can you please be specific about which ad slot?

Also, do other ads in the same slots work just fine? Might be a bug related to the ad itself.

The slot at the top of the page just refreshes, but witout the slot/ad.
All the other slots just refresh the page.

Rollbar is the only ad I'm seeing

Correction: it's not refreshing, it's opening a new tab with the same content (except header slot ad missing). Sorry for the previous incorrect info.

With header missing? I'm confused? Can you post a screenshot? Thanks so much for helping!

Herewith 2 shots.
One of the page as opened "fresh", the seconfd after clicking on the ad.

OK fixed.

OK, confirmed!

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