Dani: Out of curiosity I tried clicking the RollBar ads in Programming and in Community Center..
When I clicked the one at the top of the page it just refreshed the page but without that ad.
When I clicked the one half way down it just refreshed my window.

I guess the advertiser was expecting that I would see something about RollBar?

JC (OSX 10.12.3 Safari)

Can you please be specific about which ad slot?

Also, do other ads in the same slots work just fine? Might be a bug related to the ad itself.

The slot at the top of the page just refreshes, but witout the slot/ad.
All the other slots just refresh the page.

Rollbar is the only ad I'm seeing

Correction: it's not refreshing, it's opening a new tab with the same content (except header slot ad missing). Sorry for the previous incorrect info.

With header missing? I'm confused? Can you post a screenshot? Thanks so much for helping!

Herewith 2 shots.
One of the page as opened "fresh", the seconfd after clicking on the ad.

OK fixed.

OK, confirmed!

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