Recently I have been trying to get a Fallout 4 style compass in processing 3 to show wind direction for a Weather station for my arduino. I was just woundering the basic function code and some of the style. Thanks.

As well as woundering if i could do some thing like this----->
but instead of a sound detector i would like it to be a mp3 sheild. thanks

Caveat. I don't write in that language but have too many years coding for embedded systems (single chip to single board computers.)

So you want to "do this." Let's break what you want done into doable steps. That is, mindful of the goal your first step would be to select your Arduino that has an interface to read your Weather station and then can output/drive that LED strip.

That's your first step. The actual code size should be trivial so I don't think you'll need more than a standard size Arduino CPU shield.

OK so what about the code? Again, break it down to doable steps.

To keep from getting discouraged you can try driving the LED strip first and write something that sets LEDs according to say an array content. If you have 16 LEDs then put 1 or 0 in the array, to set the LED on/off as you wish. This routine is a good warmup to the other piece of software.

Second part. Read the Weather station wind direction. This for most will be the hard step. Once you can read in the position then you can zero out that LED array and set the locations as you wish then call the LED on/off routine.

Hope this helps.

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