rproffitt: Would be a nice feature (an ignore list.)
gentlemedia: Yes, a block member would be a great addition
happygeek: Agree. Shame there isn't an equivalent to Block on FB
ddanbe: As I already mentioned(in Latin) ignoramus! ignore!

Strangely I don't agree. I think it's better to penalise behaviour than to penalise a person. Some of UI's ealier posts were perfectly reasonable newbie tech questions which deserved our usual courteous and helpful response. Then there were posts that degenerated into trollisms that deserved to be totally ignored. I'd like to think that if he were to start a new thread on a tech question, and conduct himself in an appropriate manner, then we would respond appropriately.

For the record, I did state parenthesizes and not brackets. ;-)

You did indeed. UI either missed it or intentionally misinterpreted it in order to "make his case" or possibly never even had an error at all before asking and created a fake erorr in order to snare people into his thread. Impossible to say. What we DON'T see is a struggling programmer whose goal is to try to get his code to work trying to take the advice of other people to fix the bugs, and when he doesn't understand the guidance, asking for clarification. That's why issues that could be resolved in a thread with a few short posts end up 200 pages long.

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I'd like to think that if he were to start a new thread on a tech question, and conduct himself in an appropriate manner, then we would respond appropriately.

For me, no. He's burnt his bridges and I don't wish to see any of his posts, technical, polite or otherwise. Sure, it's my decision whether to respond or not (if I see it), but as I stated in a previous post, I ain't gonna take crap lying down.

I think it's better to penalise behaviour than to penalise a person

I agree with the sentiment, but I don't think an ignore or block list would necessarily penalise the person. If anything, it would allow moderators and admins the luxury of dealing with the troll and not having to deal with unfortunate responses from others.

This is turning from a drama into a saga. Much better if a troll is nipped in his or her prime. That's a pretty clear message as to what's acceptable and not acceptable behaviour. None of this dragged out malarkey. Okay, I'm boring myself now... shutting up.

I know many people who are autistic. Typically, their behavior could border on being trollish, and most certainly impolite, rude, and inappropriate, but it's just about always unintentional. Sometimes, upon pointing inappropriate behavior out to them, they tend to get defensive, which might be due to embarrassment; I'm not sure.

However, I must admit, that is not what I'm seeing here, based on UI's responses. He's now admitted point blank in this thread that he acts nasty to specific people on purpose. I've now read just about most of what he posted in this thread (I admit I skimmed a bit) and I still feel as if he's a depressed, lonely person who has a genuine craving for social connections with others. I still feel like there might be some reason why he genuinely does not know any better, or perhaps more accurately, know how to make friends, or truly comprehend what it is that he's doing wrong. I also feel as if he treats these online forums as his entire existence ... and the same way that in the real world, we're surrounded by people we like, people we dislike, people we are indifferent to, people who are nice, people who are nasty, etc., he seems to transpose that concept onto the people in these online communities he joins. It's almost like he feels there must be an assortment of each category with a token person in each category. I also feel like he wants to feel like he's controlling people online because he feels like he's invisible and doesn't matter to anyone in the real world. Controlling people online makes him feel empowered. However, all that being said, I still don't believe he realizes what he's doing wrong.

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While I value your humanity Dani, you may be making a lot of assumptions. While this guy keeps venting his spleen, you'll be bleeding members - or at least their valuable contributions. You've mentioned a whole catalogue of unacceptable behaviour from him, yet here he still is - enabled and empowered. Anyway, this is more a debate for mods and admins.

Ha! cpradio my friend!
You bothered to drop by!
Thanks for dropping by! :)
And once again, thanks for recommending me codeacademy.com. I only read it 2 days. Must start learning from it again.

Take care!


I never bully anyone online or offline.
It is when I get bullied then I don't go and cry about it. Thus give the bully the satisfaction he has won. I explain politely why I don't like his behaviour and if he does not stop then I have no choice but to give him a doze of his own medicine by ridiculing him back in his own way so he can see his reflection in me and realize how ridiculous he looks to others and thinks twice of his actions before he makes the next offending move towards me. And so, my supposed bullying action is not really an act of bullying but an act of teaching the bully a lesson to change his ways.
It is like this ...
You try thrusting your sword at my stomache. I will dodge you right, left, up, down but after that you know all my moves and no matter what move I make you will figure it out and I won't be able to dodge you anymore. Result ? Stab in the stomache. This is where I will use Bruce Lee's tactic. I won't back-off when you come at me. No, I will suddenly move forward (thus cach you off-guard) and take-over your space where you were supposed to land your forwarding foot. Your foot would not find enough space and your body's balance would be lost. I won't need to give you a hard push to get you on the floor. A slight push would do the job. So far, I've only done upto that level with some bullies here.
They called me troll. I found ways to call them back. They ridiculed me, I ridiculed back. And, I did all this, once they started the fight. Not me who started it.

Just look at this thread title. I found it. Thought I will contribute some of my ideas here. If they get accepted then good. If not, then I'll get feed-back why my ideas aren't perfect. That is sort of market research for me too.
You gave good reasons why my ideas won't work with your forum and I did not quarrel about it. Is that trolling behaviour ? If I bicker with you and try proving my points by thrusting my weight on you then that is trolling. So, have i done any of this to you here ?
But, this thread has been hijacked by the bullies making character attacks at me for trying to give you some of my ideas.
When you replied back to my ideas, what comments did they make ? (I am now recalling things from memory). They made sarcastic comments as if you scored a goal (hattrick) against me. In short, they built-up an imaginary conflict between you and me. Any new member reading their comments would wrongfullly assume that there has been a history of quarreling dialogue between you and me and you have scored a goal against me. Hence, your audience making sarcastic comments as a clap of hands. So, you see how bad their behaviour portrays to a new member here ? So, who are the cyber bullies here ? Me or them ?
Why are they even discussing me in this thread ? I made you some sugegstions. You did not like them and politely refused. I did not try putting my weight on you. End of discussion. things should have been left there and then. WHy did they start digging old worms out both from this forum and others ? Now, if that is not psycho bullying or cyber bullying then I don't know what is.
I did learn that there are 10 types of trolls and one type is that, they hijack a forum and take control of it with irrelevant posts. Who are the ones that started making irrelevant posts in this thread making attacks on a member for him simply making forum suggestions ?
HappyGeek has been very rudely calling me "this troll" recently.
I now have no choice but to return his own doze by saying the same back to him: "The troll is not worthy to remain a moderator here when he himself is a troll trolling this thread with irrelevant posts and does not realize his kronies trolling this thread too. But you are free to decide who is worthy to be policing your forum".
None of these trolls, who have attacked my character here, have made any forum suggestions to you in this thread. Unlike this so-called troll who atleast has.
So, who are the real trolls in this thread ? Me or them ?
That's all.
End of discussion.
I agree with JamesCherril. There should be a post ban so when trolls start hijacking threads (like this thread have been hijacked), there posts don't appear in the concerned thread.
So, I make this feature suggestion to you. Therefore, this post of mine is not off-topic. A trolling post.
Also, there should be another feature. This is where you can ban someone from wrongfully DownVoting another's post out of prejudice. If a post lived upto the topic of the tread and someone tries discrediting it (like the trolls here would try with this post) then they should start getting infractions. They should temporarily get banned from voting. That way, ganging-up by trolls would cease and your forum would be relieved from troll jacking.
Another feature should be where when a post does not live upto the topic of the thread then nobody should be able to UpVote it. The ones who do, they should get infractions.
After adding all these cyber bullying, thread trolling, thread jacking immune features, we will now see how any troll feeds-off from the good-will of you and your forum.
Actually, I might aswell try writing a forum with all thsoe features. JamesCherril did insist "they" (except Diafol) would help in the coding. Let's see if they help in this one. Lol! I might aswell think good of JamesCherril from now. He got biased when AssertNull left and wrongfully banned me which HappyGeek overturned. Since AssertNull is back, I can see good colours re-appearing in JamesCherril. I reckon he should stay as a mod or be promoted to happyGeeks's Admin position. Let us all see, how he fairs that position. But, I am not the boss here. You are. Your choice.

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Another tactic of Bruce Lee, which he mentions to his teacher at the beginning of "Enter The Dragon" is that he does not need to hit. It (the opponent) hits itself.

These last 2 nights, after seeing this thread being hijacked, I realize that it's best I don't attack them back (like I mentioned in the opening of this post) but use the tactic of getting the trolls to hit themselves. This is where, you won't see me attacking them anymore when they attack me. They will attack themselves. When I can start this tactic and make it fruitful ? I don't know. I am still pondering how to begin using the tactic. I am a gifted wise guy. I always come-up with a solution. And a solution, I shall come-up with to tame these trolls.
At the end, each troll would be fighting not only his own shadow but he will go crazy dreaming he fighting his ownself.
"I do not hit. It hits itself". Look:

I am not getting empowered here by you to troll further like they claimed here. What they fail to realize is that, had you empowered me like they falsely claim (like mad, crazy, insane, psycho people usually do), they would all be enslaved by my power by now.


Let us thinkup a feature where the troll would hit itself if he tries trolling or bullying others in Dani's Forum. The feature would then find itself on all forums.
Day by day, I see injustice everywhere in the world. Now, on the internet. And day by day, I learn how to become a fighter who fights injustice.
I WILL (one day) come-up with a feature where the cyber bullies and trolls would find themselves hitting their ownselves when they try hitting others.
I will keep this thread updated when I think up such a plan.
I am waiting for others to DownVote this post and make ridiculing comments. I won't answer their comments. I will thinkup that deature and that would be a death blow to their bullying pride. That blow would be a form of "it hits itself". Lol!

PS - You see. I am not spycho afterall (like these trolls assume). Well sane. Very sane. I am wide awake and not asleep day dreaming any time. My intelligence is: Live & kicking. ;)

PS - Remember in my last post I said that, I am now using Bruce Lee's tactic to takeover your foot space (when you lunge forward towards me) and make you lose your balance ? Look how Bruce Lee portrays this move here by kicking his opponent before the opponent can move forward to kick him:


Watch from 1 minute 4 secs.
In order to accomplish this move you have to attack in order to defend yourself. You are finding me in those moments and are wrongfully assuming that I am the aggressor. No, I am the defender. Defending myself. With Kungfu tactics.

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Still waiting for links UI. For a bit of entertainment I looked up some amazing contributions UniqueIdeaMan has made to the web. Here's a great one:

Problem is, googling brings out forums and forums are full of amateurs too with amateurish samples

So, let's stop helping him, clearly we're too amateurish.

On a brighter note, here's another person hitting the nail on the head.

Jesus Christ, dude. You have no ****ing clue what you are doing and just stabbing your **** around hoping to hit something. You're submitting your form using GET and then looking for POST. Do you even have an idea what those words mean? What's the difference between them?

The first ****ing thing you do is realize your IF condition is failing if you don't see an echo result, so a normal person would take a look in $_SERVER to see what's going on. Well, a normal person would understand the basics by this point and know what POST and GET mean.

I know you're trying to learn, man, but you keep coming in here with syntax errors. You have no understanding of the basics.

Still waiting for links UI.

He can't reply because he's now been banned.

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He can't reply because he's now been banned.

Can't see what he did to deserve it this time. His behaviour hasn't changed. Other than being knitted a multicoloured victim coat by somebody (!) which he then proceeded to wear with pride. OK so we get back to work now :)

I still believe he's a victim in many ways. However, it was more that I suggested he doesn't realize what he is doing wrong, and he responded to that by boasting in this very thread that he was acting nasty on purpose.

As you may already know, i tend to give a ridiculous amount of slack while trying to bring together a global community with people from all different cultures and backgrounds, who are all offended at varying levels. However, at the end of the day, it all always comes down to intent for me.

I don't believe in infractions if you didn't realize you were doing wrong. In UI's case, a lot of his behavior came across to me as either autistic or simply not experienced with social interactions and not knowing any better. But admitting that he knew what he was doing, going so far as to admit it makes him feel empowered when everyone bends to his whim, suddenly makes those posts that were previously a gray area now infractionable.

Can't see what he did to deserve it this time.

Consider it like a lifetime achievement Oscar for his accumulated body of work.

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Ah the penny just dropped. It was Trump. Learning to programme. Well done everybody for averting a worldwide disaster.

Hello all,

I am tangoforce from codingforums.com. This thread was recently pointed out to me (and others) and so i replied to certain aspects of it with "UI Man" over there. He didn't react positively (as usual) blaming everyone else but himself for his behaviour.

To put it bluntly, we have the same issues with him over at our place. Reposts everything all over multiple forums, posts the same replies to those topics on all those forums breaking the continuity (hence any replies of help appear to be ignored because he's too busy copy / pasting etc).

If he put in half as much effort into google'ing and making an effort as he does posting the same content on any programming forum he can find he could be a great programmer.. but he doesn't.

Instead he loves to post lovely long winded replies praising himself, blaming all others.. then pretending that he's friendly with those he's just insulted etc..

When this thread was pointed out, i replied to him in his new thread.. see how he reacts here:

I suspect many of you will recognise his behaviour. We also had him join up with a second personality recently - "forumcoder" using exactly the same practice, code snippets, ip address, posting times (and vanishing times), writing style and PM knowledge. He still denied it even after a moderator pointed it out to him.

I will of course be labelled a bully by him now but frankly I'm beyond caring. I've tried helping him repeatedly and to be branded a rat / slave as seen here in this thread was the final straw.


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