Can any one Suggest me best live Chat Software For Website.

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About Company Live2Support incited in fall of 2003, a leading global player in online customer support solutions, provides a sophisticated range of on demand live chat services to thousands of companies around the world. Its mission is to make cost effective enterprises level live chat solution with powerful feature and functionality accessible to all online business enterprises and online community.

About Product – Live Chat

Live2Support live chat is hosted software service to help online businesses in their sales and support operations. The extensive website visitor information that it provides clubbed with features and functionality it offers provide innumerous opportunities for revenue growth and improve on customer service at economical cost.

**Benefits- **

Top benefits of Live2Support live chat are

• Easy to use and install.
• Improve on online sales and increase customer base.
• Conduct marketing and sales campaign.
• Ensure prompt Customer Engagement
• Real-time support with Instant Reply.
• Improve on Customer Satisfaction Index
• Keep Track of Performance
• Increase Sales and Support Operations efficiency.
• Connect to customer through Mobile Devices


Live2Support has many impressive features like -

• Fast and Easy Integration
• Real-time Website Traffic Monitoring
• Extensive Visitor Information.
• Fully Customizable Visitor Chat Windows
• Ready Made Chat Windows Templates
• Multiple languages Profile.
• Multiple chat sessions for an operator.
• Standardized Responses with Push URL and Pro-Popup.
• Team management through Department Functionality.
• Administrative and Moderator Privileges.
• Multi Criteria based Performance Report.
• Extensive Third Party Integration.
• Plug-ins for CMS, E-commerce and Blogging Platforms.
• SSL-Based Tracking and Chat Codes.
• Read more features on our Website.


In order to be able to recommend something we could use a little more information. For instance what type of server is hosting your web site (Linux or Windows based) and what do you want the chat software to do?

If your running on a Linux based server I recommend Openfire which is a java based Open Source Application that is available for free. You will find numerous youtube videos on how to set up the server either for restricted access or open chat. Here is a review by InfoWord on the software:

thanks for the information @rch1231

I am just Checking Live2Support live chat software is good can any other chat plugin. @comapnyinfoz
check it here
this one is good

LivePerson was one of the first live chat software solutions available on the web.

Hi Robin_7,

There are lots of live chat solutions in the market. There quite similar but each of them is also different in terms of pricing and feature set. Do you have any specific requirements? Please let me know and I think I can help you with that.

Also, please take a look at this article: It lists 200 questions. You can evaluate the potential vendors against this list.

Hope it helps.

I think zopium is the best as it offers a lot of customization in terms of branding

I am using LiveAdmins chat service & software for the website last two years. They provide fantastic live chat service with reasonable price. 24/7 chat operator available and Live Chat service supports more than 5 languages with many other cool features.

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