Just for all those wondering what's going on, I don't know but I did jump on another PC to check and it was logged in. So I logged out and could not log back in.

The first hint there was a problem was when I went to login on my Android phone. At first I thought it was just the phone but nope.

For now, if you are logged it, you can post and more. But DON'T LOG OUT.

What is this "log out" thing you are talking about. Sounds like heresy to me ^_^

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@Reverend Jim. I tried this logout on another laptop I use from time to time and sure enough it was an one way trap door.

This problem has been fixed. I'm sorry it took so long to fix, but I'm on vacation (a friend's destination wedding in Vermont) and I didn't realize that an SSL certificate expired and DaniWeb.com was unable to communicate with the Dazah API.

These kinds of problems will no longer exist after the DaniWeb/Dazah merger goes live in about a month.

Hooray ;)

Dang it, Dani... stop breaking things! ;-)

And now the delete recent posts tool is gone again.

I’ll fix that when I get home later tonight. I know what happened. (Switched computers I was using and Git was out of sync)

Things still inordinately slow wrt threads. Anything wrong?

I've mostly been working day and night on the new version of the platform, and traffic is pretty poor in general. I'm pretty hopeful that things will start turning around when the new version launches.

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I’m sure everyone is pleased to find DaniWeb no longer using Dazah to power it’s login. (Although, to be honest, it still does under the hood!)

It does clean things up.

BTW, I clicked on your twitter link and scrolled through to your post about Apple being the first $1T company. If you convert to today's $$$, the Dutch East India Company was actually first. And I strongly suspect the Hudson Bay Company (at its peak) was likely ballpark as well.