Hey guys brand new to the forum but I've noticed the e-mail notifications don't always tell me when a reply has been posted to a thread I'm helping someone with.

Is there a way to show who has replied to any posts I have made?I only ask because at the moment I'm running roughly 11 troubleshootings and I'm only getting 5 out of 7 update reports on average so I've resorted to reloading the tabs every 5 mins with them all open in firefox.

It's a nice short term solution but it's really eating up my connection at the moment

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Yes indeed. On the top of the page, click 'Control Panel', and under 'Subscribed Threads,' it will list all the threads that have been responded to.

Oh, and nice avatar. :)

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Saved me having 14 open tabs :)

Mine too,a friend of mine and I just figured it out last week-
it starts on 2nd October,Yom Kippur,the jewish day of repentance or some such.

Basically good and evil people are judged on the jewish new year and their fate decided.Middle of the road people are judged on Yom Kippur and either are destined to die or do a penance and live.

Donnie's penance was that in order for him to live his mother,little sister and girlfriend were to die and he was to spend the next 20 years or so in jail for killing Frank,the teenager not the entity.

In the end he chose to die,on the last day of Yom Kippur and he was either put back in time or the entire movie was a premonition of what his penance would be,it doesn't really matter

We were soooo pleased we spotted this as we were watching it for the 15th time and I thought to myself"Why didn't they start it on the 1st of october,there has to be a reason it's the 2nd..."

Pretty good take on it eh?

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