I don't like the new format of the threads -- a brief list of thread links at the top of each thread (I don't know what they are called). I find them annoying and almost useless, especially in Geeks Lounge where some threads have hundreds of posts. And it looks silly in threads with only the initial starter post.

It also makes huge threads such as this one very very slow to load.

I am very confused by what you're referring to. The only somewhat new change to the thread layout has been the smaller quick reply in exchange for the removal of one of the rectangle ads.

Firstly, why didn't you just upload the file as a JPG?

Secondly, the problem is that you simply accidentally switched modes. :) In the yellow bar right below the Ads by Google links, click on Display Modes and then choose Linear Mode.

Dani you are right :) , I apparently did accidentally switch modes.

>>Firstly, why didn't you just upload the file as a JPG?
I thought it might be too big.

You might actually like threaded mode. It eliminates the need to scroll the page at all, and you can read threads just by using the previous and next links. Then, whenever there's something you need to reply to, use Quick Reply, and your post will automatically appear as a subset of that particular post.

Linear mod is the best!!

Thats what i use on every site (Provided they have it)