How do I format my hard drive? All my important files and documents are backed-up on my external HD. I need to reformat my C Hard drive, but cant figure out how. I have the restore disks I received when I purchased my computer, but am lost. Any help is much appreciated, thanks, Robert!

you should have receive usage instructions with the recovery CDs as well. try to look for a pdf file on those cds

Ok so I installed Windows XP Pro, I previously had Home version. However, now I can only get my monitor settings on the lowest 4-bit settings. What happened? I have tried all the windows help and troubleshooting guides, but all to no avail. Some of my software I cannot install because of this low setting. Any help is appreciated, thanks, Robert

you need to get your video drivers.

how do I do that exactly?

you need to get your video drivers.

download the drivers from the manufacturer's website, install them, reboot

In my experience the easiest and ( free ) way that i use is called KILLDISK and can be download for free, it's not that hard to use. Give it a try! Good luck......

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