I've been browsing the forum and I'm just really happy overall with the way this php version turned out!

Let me know all your opinions ...

And get your friends to post!!

This forum is here to stay.
I won't *LET* it die.

joshSCH commented: Hooray! +12

i do like this forum, but i think vbulletin mighta been better. i've seen several awesome mods to it... and tforums woulda been really sweet!! but i'd have to research all of these 3 options more to really come to a conclusion about which one is better.

Actually, when I was originally looking for a good forum script, I looked at vBulletin and all the rest. And I ended up liking Yabb the best.

All in all, they were pretty easy to configure. (Sure, I can say that now that it's all said and done with). And there are actually a lot of mods for it too.

If there are any vBulletin, etc features you really like that we don't have, let me know and I promise to look right into it.

btw ... it costs $85 to use vBulletin and well into the hundreds to use it without a link back to the vBulletin website. I don't know about you, but I'm all for open source :P