i have installed redhat 7.3 and imap was installed on the as default settings. when i point my web browser to the webmail address i get an error in the imap_general.php line 227. the error that comes up is 'erroe connecting to IMAP server.localhost 111 : connection refused???

need some help on this topic.

thanks in advanced.

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to the best of my knowledge (and I'm probably 99.9% wrong) sendmail is an SMTP server, not an IMAP server?


well im not exactly sure but when looking at www.sendmail.org there is never a mention of IMAP but it talks about SMTP alot so im guessing its a SMTP server. but check out there site and maybe you will find something i missed.


Sendmail is most definitely SMTP, and that is it. If you want to read mail, you will have to put IMAP on. If you run redhat-config-services, you should see if it is already installed, in which case you can check the box, and then you can even restart xinetd from this gui interface. That should get you going. I am not sure what specific packages you would need to install if you do not have it. Consult the CD, or apt-get, for anything starting with imap.

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