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Usually, when I go into the forums, let us say C++ for example, the Read Me's are all at the top and are separated from actual threads. However, I recently noticed that they are no longer separated, they are all inter-twined...any reason why?


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Yea, they are all at the top. I also do have IE7 on Vista, but it only started yesturday...usually, there would be some type of bar which separates the threads from the pinned items (such as the Read Me's). thx for your response.


It's not really a bar. The sticky threads used to be in a different box with a different background color. The idea was to make them stand out more. However, testing has shown that most people would initially focus their eye at the beginning of the regular threads, skipping over the stickies entirely, so they weren't being read as often. They've been reintegrated in an effort to get more people to read them and follow them.

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