hi all,

Let us all share the Interactive learning methods through the Internet.
I mean the interactive learning methods that can be seriously useful and
successful in self studying computer science.I'm a 3rd year student of
here http://www.bit.lk/ and I decided to do self studying due to the
higher fees among the Educational Institutes.And my university doesn't
supply lectures,they just only provide some help through the LMS (through
the internet) and I don't feel sufficient with that.

Here let me mention what I'm using to feel more comfortable.

* Free Video lectures.

* E-books.

* LMS (Learning Management Systems).

* Forums, IRC ,newsgroups etc.

But it's clear that only by these things we can't obtain the practical
expertise and the experience.

For a example there can be some psychological methods that can be used
to learn easily.Please share if you have some of these.

Using E-books we can enhance the theory bookish knowledge for sure,then
what kind of activities will be helpful to turn that bookish knowledge
into the practice? Some kind of project work. Contribution to the open source
world by coding and digging into their projects?

please share your experience/knowledge to optimize the self study learning curve
for IT and Computer Science students all over the world.Share your new ideas.

well, I really dont have a specific format for this..but what I can tell do is tell you what I do:

I decide one day that I really like graphic arts..(this is an example)
so I will go out and download all of the good software for this (photoshop, gimp, maya, Illustrator) ect.

then I will sit there for about a year..making anything and everything LOL following tutorials on the net. there doesnt have to be a purpose in a button tutorial..it is just best for me to spend alot of time making meaningless stuff..so that one day, I can take all of this meaningless stuff and make something meaningful out of it.
now how to get field experience is the fun part :)
friends..you see them using forms or something that just really isnt catered to them..there is no personalization, there are fields they dont use, some fields they use for other things..yadda yadda yadda..
dont say a word to them, sit down and spend all the time in the world you need to get them something that meets their needs, and GIVE it to them.
do this over and over..word of mouth then gets out: HEY I have a friend that is pretty good at doin this kinda stuff..here lemme talk to him, see if he can do this for ya!

this applies to all the fields your looking at learning. I just pulled out graphics and form making because thats how I did it in these fields.
which by the way led to software developing..LOL..
love graphics, love forms..lets make programs!! :)
though I am fairly new at the software developing ..this format is exactly what I am doing now LOL
making programs for people I see need/ or would appreciate a more catered to program..and taking it upon myself to do it for them.
this has now led into a word of mouth..which has led into clients.
No one actually cares about how much "textbook" experience you have..i mean sometimes it does enter the picture..but what they want to see is "references..field experience"

they dont really care about the degrees..they care about "can you do this"
just my opinion but it has worked well for me.

the internet is a world of knowledge..the only thing that prevents us from taking advantage of that is our own short comings!

I have learned so very much from the net in the past years..
from cooking..to programming..LOL

never even finished high school..but i am not suffering in the slightest!

freelancing is awesome :)..no one questions your grade level..your degrees..nothing..they just see the finished product. if they like it..doors open up beyond belief..and ya never have to leave your home!