I find that if something takes longer than a few hours to do, my patience runs thin, so then my temper starts to flare ;)

So, how long does it take others to Begin the classic desk thumping, space slamming, vocal announcing that you are now highly annoyed ;)

With people, I tend to just walk away because my temper will overrule any rational thought. With inanimate objects, it depends... I generally give the thing a few chances to comply, but after that, I'll teach it a lesson and perhaps put on a good show for the neighbors. Sadly, when my fuse ignites, it's catastrophic.

my patience is long when in i'm in a good mood, so i rarely get pissed ..
with objects, it takes long too, bec i don't easily give up, but if it doesn't do what i want it to do, i usually throw it in any direction and regret always comes last .

all depends on the context. Some things/people/situations I can endure for days to months without losing my temper, other things get me worked up in seconds.

If rational people are involved, I don't mind getting into an argument. With irrational folks like politicians, religious extremists and bullies, I just walk away.

Well I don’t walk away often… don’t get me wrong I don’t thing that I can teach people the “right” way either by speaking , shouting or … but I strongly believe that if walk away from something that has small significance today you will be forced to stand up in a more radical way in future.

Project length does not even annoy me. I've done solo projects that took years. A long time ago, I once had a single repeatable bug that took two weeks to identify and about two minutes to fix.

I think annoyance and anger arise to alert us to a situation, but letting them control overt behavior is very seldom wise or helpful.

About ten seconds. All it takes is a rude brush-off from a salesclerk.

It usually takes a long long time for my temper to come to a boil -- for example I can work for weeks on a computer programming problem. For others, it doesn't take so long, I once trashed a compter because it wouldn't go back together the way I took it apart (I smashed it all over my concrete patio).