I wanted to get into driver dev. While reading a book on driver dev it was mentioned that it is better to work of a mainline branch from kernel.org instead of a linux patch as they usually change the kernel api? Has anyone had problems do general linux driver dev on ubuntu? Also what options do I have if I have to use mainline branch from kernel.org if I dont want to really remove ubuntu, can i run it on a vm or is that not going to work?


That's the nice thing about VMs - you can work with new kernels and versions of operating systems without munging your basic system build. I do that all the time, including running non-Linux systems like Solaris, QNX, DOS, etc. There is also the processor emulator/VM qemu which will let you run ARM and other processor-based systems (android, etc) on an x86 system.

Thanks rubberman for your reply. So if I was to write some code which used drivers and test this code on a vm which drivers would be called, the local machine drivers or the drivers on the vm? Does a vm have direct access to the hardware or does it go through some api on the host machine? Thanks

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