Whenever i make a site my css works fine in all major browsers exept IE.
Is it the same for you?

Join the club. Everyone needs to tweak their CSS explicitely for IE :(

well, not in my case :), especially when it comes to js + css animations, IE versions are light years ahead.
So to back this up - here is a code I wrote for IE4 (if I'm not mistaken); - Yes, it's that old...
It weights less than 1KB and yes it was worth of about 1MB flash of a full-screen reso.bck than.
Yet again, other browsers can't play it as smooth as IE's always did, not even the most up to date editions.
I'm not using IE fade effect, because a decade ago, no other browser could do that, that's why this code uses color fade simulation.

So here it is, - anyone can try it and test on his own:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta name=Author content="b.b. Troy III p.a.e.">
<div id=cnt><i><div id=ctr></div></i></div>
var ctr=document.getElementById("ctr"),r=255,g=88,b=64,i=1,j=0,msg=new Array("KEEP&nbsp;","WALKING","SEARCHING","TRUSTING","Learning To Make Choices For The Future..."),E=ctr.style;
function H(){E.lineHeight=document.documentElement.clientHeight+"px"}
function start(T){
        j+=3; r-=4; g-=2; b-=1; ctr.innerHTML=msg[0]+msg[i];
        E.color='rgb('+r+','+g+','+b+')'; E.fontSize=j+'px'}
    else if(i<3){
        i++; r=255; g=88; b=64; j=0}
        E.color="rgb(255,88,64)"; E.fontSize="16pt"; E.letterSpacing="3pt";
        ctr.innerHTML=msg[4]; clearTimeout(T)}

I had given up on IE a while back, but you are correct...it does look crisp and clean in IE.

I think IE is THE worst browser, not just graphics-wise. Don't know about the latest version though.

that's only what you believe. It doesn't mean you know it.