Hi guys! I just wonder if daniweb have a tutorial videos for some programming language? :)

No, but there are certainly a few available at other sites such as this one for VB at msdn. You can easily find more with a little googling. A complete list of msdn tutorials can be found here

I am not aware of any videos on daniweb... actually to be honest, i have never seen a video on daniweb (unless you count the ads...)

just askign again
do you plan to create video tutorial?

Zick: there are no plans for video tutorials at this point in time to the best of my knowledge (for many reasons, not least the bandwidth/resources implications)

Michael: video links can be found all over DaniWeb, in reviews and news stories as well as forum postings (however, the videos themselves are hosted elsewhere)

I meant videos that were posted exclusively for daniweb in the tutorial section.

ohh i see that makes sense :) thanks happygeek.

I'll echo Davey and say that there are no such plans that I'm aware of. On top of video tutorials being largely useless for programmers (in my opinion) unless they're very pointed demonstrations of tools or more of a computer sciencey lecture, it would also introduce the technical issue of both hosting video content on our server and providing embedded playback on the site.

Finally, the question of content itself is unknown. Would we be able to create or solicit enough content to justify the feature?

I think the storage space required is the most prohibitive hurdle to overcome before this feature can even be considered.

I find video tutorials simply too distracting, usually put on by some ugly dude with poor pronunciation.

I'll remind you of Sturgeon's Law. To wit, "Ninety percent of everything is crap". There are good tutorials out there.

Well you can forget about the pronunciation. The most important is that you can see what they are doing.

Well you can forget about the pronunciation. The most important is that you can see what they are doing.

Watch a video tutorial with the sound off and see how useful it is. ;) Honestly, if that works out then the video didn't need to be a video in the first place.

As an 'ancient' I find video tutorials difficult, much better is text you can print, and then refer to as you learn.