Seeing that there are no posts in this forum, I will kick it off with a list of programming tutorial sites and communities that have helped me learn along the way: <--all you need for php!

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Please provide and add l tutorial links you further know.

thanks jon...........the sites
ar really cool............ should be avoided. It is fully of buggy and security-hole ridden examples. No, I don't have an example of this, I don't feel like going back and looking them up again.

It would be better if you also list down the languages supported by each of these sites.

Anyway, thanks for the list!

I saw a post suggesting that it would be better to list the types of programming tutorials that could be posted on a tutorial site, so here we go.

Here is a tutorial site that supports publishers who want to publish tutorials about C / C++ , Java ,.NET ,Visual Basic ,Python
,VB .NET ,C Sharp ,PHP ,Ruby / Rails ,Perl ,ASP ,Coldfusion ,Javascript / DHTML ,Jquery, Flash / Actionscript ,XML ,HTML / CSS ,ASP.NET ,MySQL ,Oracle ,SQL Server
,PostgreSQL ,Microsoft Access / VBA ,DB2 ,Mobile Development ,Software Development ,Algorithms & Advanced Math ,API\'s and Third Party Tools.

daniweb is awesome.


CodeAbbey is a new web-site with programming problems intended for real beginners and newbies. Solutions could be checked by submitting their answers, and tasks could be solved from the simplest ones.

I'm currently engaged in testing the problems here, but it would be good to have more people to help!

If you'd like to learn Visual Basic, there's a great set of tutorials here

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