When was the time when your body looked the best? And who's body did you match up with?

When: Right Now.
Who: I look like a mix of Terrell Owens (the guy who is now broke) and Garvin (the one who played for the Cardinals).

If you were wondering, I weigh about 193 Lbs and am 6'ft something. (I seem to tower my brother even more so I think I am either 6' or 6'1/6'1.5...). I am not fat if you are wonderring. People assume I am not over 190 lbs. They think I am in the 170's.

So how about you guys, what do/did you guys resemble?

As a 5'8" basketball lover, i think my all-time best physically was when I was about 16-20 yrs old. I was skinny as hell and can actually jump a bit. After my 20's, I bulked up (not by choice) and then eventually everything went downhill after I got married. lol

Let me guess... by bulking up do you mean lifting weight or naturally gaining weight?

naturally gaining unwanted weight probably caused by changes in life priorities. :)

Oh, that makes sense... as far as i am aware, all of the muscles i have gained are going to slowly go away overtime if i don't work on them...