Today just do walking around looking for information on the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, ... to make some material support for the work and also improve their knowledge, this article is shared from the forum "Bing Center Webmaster" 45 step guide to SEO the most basic and easy to understand. Today <snip> would share with you.
Online daily to work and study, you are pretty boring to read what type of articles on SEO "go fry fry again" of the forum and website on the Internet. To become a SEO "great" just enough knowledge 20%, 80% rest is patience and diligence.
Let's "hard" to achieve good performance in SEO.
Please present you with the 45 most basic SEO tactics:
1. Write introduction and send your website address on networks like Digg, Reddit, ... immediately. - Please wait ... ..
2. A Yahoo Groups Create your own.
3. Create a MySpace account and use it to "published" content pages related to your website.
4. Bookmark your site on and to be more beneficial than later button on the home page of your website.
5. Create a Technorati account and create your blog.
6. Send your website address on the free website directory and search engine for free.
7. Create discussion forums, here is a great way to make more resources accessible to your website.
8. Place a free ad for your company on Gumtree.
9. Syndicate your site content using an RSS feed.
10. Submit your RSS feed to the site agregator as FeedBurner, Squidoo, Feedboy, Jordomedia, FeedBomb, FeedCat, rssmad, feeddirectory and feedfury.
11. Writing articles related to your website and send it to the site, forum, blog, ...
12. Registration of StumbleUpon and drag your friends to Stumble your site.
13. Create a custom 404 page so that even if someone encounters an error on your site, they will be redirected to another page see better.
14. Setting up a 301 to redirect traffic from your address without the www to your www address there.
15. Add a link to your website in the signature of any forums you are a member.
16. Tell your friends how the ad is simple and free.
17. Regularly check the spelling of your Web site, to quickly fix the "absurd" to avoid this just "discredit" in the eyes of visitors.
18. Check your website and make sure it displays well in all web browsers.
19. Choose your Hosting provider professional services (such as this <snip>), simply because no one wants to slow web page load rushed rushed at all.
20. Do not worry about PageRank, it's just the concept alone, when you do well in this step, the Pagerank of your truly "remarkable" there
21. Share your "free" such as software, utilities, or free services to attract more visitors. And introduced "promotion by i" for others to know.
22. Introduce your website with your neighbors, they will become regular customers of your site there.
23. Provide sufficient information to support you: nick Yahoo, Skype, MSN, ... address clearly and specifically include: address, email, phone, ...
24. Advertise your site on <snip> Free advertising network and local.
25. Not be inserted in Web content.
26. Submit your site to, married, built houses, baby birds waiting for it and against approval of your site.
27. Create XML sitemap and submit to the search engine Google.
28. Design a T-shirt (T-shirt) logo in your website address and wear it often for "free advertising".
29. Send comments on the flicker photo.
30. Registration for an advertising agency website that if you sell a product, or if you are an information site, usually at least get a "little summit".
31. Even on the "Contact Us" your need to have a form can receive updates from your website via Email (Newsletter).
32. Send regular newsletter (newsletter).
33. Regularly participate in seminars on the Web or Internet marketing, this is mainly to refresh their learning and more.
34. Do not pay for the "who" submit your website for search engines, is wasted while you do this excess capacity.
35. Search the Blog content related to your website and remember to leave comments (Comments) more impressive and complete link to your website.
36. Remember that YouTube & Google Video are two excellent network for you, but understand.
37. Write articles or ebook or share knowledge of mouth is the best way for your website, like I .
38. Avoid abusing technologies like Ajax and Active X.
39. Regularly learn more about CSS and HTML as technology or changes.
40. Contribute knowledge to the dictionary an encyclopedia Wikipedia, and ask the webmaster Bloger and information about your product is "useful" to them?
41. Account management page must be friendly, not complicated to use.
42. If your website is a Flash intro with more memory, then surely the "Skip Intro" so that small.
43. Introduce your website in the local site.
44. Building a leading information website for the purpose for which you originally set out to build a website.
45. And this is the last step, do not give up ....
46. <snip> - Details: <snip>

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Usefull post it will more helpfull for new commetn thanks for the post

The Search engine optimization Start even previous to conniving your site. It starts by choosing an incredibly thin and focused topic for your site, and selecting the right domain name. You must then pick the right keywords for each of your individual pages

Nice sharing combining online promotion with offline promotion.

I will try your tip 10 and submit my RSS feed to squidoo. :)

thanks a lot.

great post for a beginner. thx for share with us.

Hey what's up. I only want to comment on your SEO tip #6 - Send your website address on the free website directory and search engine for free.

This sounds like it could be really good advice but there's caution to be had when swamping all the hundreds of thousands of dumpster directories out there solely for the purpose of attracting some kind of search engine link ranking juice in places most often created exclusively to meet easy ad link money/link sharing objectives. Although the search engine may like the revenue generation machine it has assisted in developing, it must'nt enjoy the obvious link scheming, link building, link manipulating intentions. Sure, it may be helpful in an SEO strategy to list web pages to reputable and to the industry authoritative directories and search engines, but hand-pick these few yourself.

Whatever you decide to do, do not buy into a "listing to 10,000 directories for $19.95 a month" (frequently outsourced or automated) schemes. All you may achieve from this kind of "SEO" is gaining poor credibility for your own web page content and having to somehow get forgiven by the search engine for having your links in every "bad link neighbourhood" on the planet.

thanks for the post....nice information...

The Search engine optimization Start even previous to conniving your site. It starts by choosing an incredibly thin and focused topic for your site, and selecting the right domain name. You must then pick the right keywords for each of your individual pages

For better result in seo,consistency and on page changes are most important factor which all have to consider.

These are actually desirable tips for those who struggling in receiving traffic. You require too used that benefit of social in promoting websites.

I am very thanks to this post. The tips given by you is very useful and nice. I really appreciate your work. These tips will help people who are new in SEO. I am sure these will very helpful.

I don't believe that someone can fulfill all the above tips. There are to many. You'd better select only those who work better for you.

Thanks for the information. But I wanted to ask as google has changed its algorithm then in that case also these tips will work.

For my own experience you Social bookmarking is the good way for the SEO purpose and you can get good back link and traffic to your website. Blog commenting is the good way for the SEO Perpose.

Hi, look interesting. Thanks for useful posy!

Nice tips. You have done a great work to publish such a useful information :)

I have been looking to build a good professional opinion on the topic. Your post got me a step further in the right direction. Many thanks :-)

  • Use Quality Links
  • Define a Good Site Structure
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Keep The Content Fresh
  • Understand The Art And Science of Search Engines
  • Engage With Community & Have a Social Presence
  • The Keywords. What You Need to Know
  • Improve Loading Speed Of Website
  • Use A Rich, Relevant and Memorable Domain Name
  • 5% Keyword Density
  • Use The Right Tags, File Names, Captions, Alt-Txt
  • Concentrate On Headings, Titles And Site Settings
  • Evaluate & Fine Tune Regularly
  • List Yourself in Open Directories
  • Use Keyword Rich URLs For The Pages
  • Check the Snippet Preview
  • Migrate Smart. Don't Lose Your Rank When You Migrate

Thanks.... Its wonderful informaion for the beginners....

well you should have a valuable websites list for all this stuff

  1. Select a small URL with your basic keywords in it.(if possible)
  2. Target some major keywords.
  3. Always use unique Meta tags for each page.
  4. Use Header tags and use keyword in Title tags.
  5. Verify your site with google webmaters, yahoo, Bing webmaster
  6. Avoid use Duplicate content.
  7. Upload Site map and robot.txt for website.
  8. Install Google Analytic
  9. Add a blog to your website and post on it on weekly basis (don’t use a separate domain name for your blog)
  10. Use 301 Redirect
  11. Check** Page load speed**
  12. Promote your website **in many places like **article submission, directories, press release, blogs, Social bookmarking etc.
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