Hello experts
I have built a website but I did not get a good rank on google. How can I get this ?

Please give post more details about your website. Have you added useful content for readers? Are you stucture is good? Do you have created backlinks from high PR sites ?

I think u should follow sites with high PR and high trust rank, including high DA and PA

To get a good rank on google for your website you have to do on page optimization and off page optimization on your website. Also add new content time to time on your website. It helps lot for ranking. But content must be fresh and not copied from other sites. There sre many companies which provied SEO services. You contact to one good company. They do SEO on your website to rank your website.

yes 2 factors, they are both equaly important:
on-page --each page on your website should follow a format for 1 keyword
off-page --link building, diverse, slow, varying text..

one more factor.. time... it will not happen in a week!

use unique content for link building...

If your site is new and SEO is not done on your website. You must do on page optimization and off page optimization on websit to get good rank on google.

There are so many ways to build your site's Google rankings. You can use on-site optimization techniques or off-site optimization techniques. On-site techniques are the ones that are initiated on your siet such as creating content that is keyword rich. Off-site techniques are done on other web pages like building links on other sites.

To get high rank in SEO. your website must contains fresh and informative content. to rankl your website you need to do SEO for your website.

For ranking website you need to do on page and off page optimization on your website. Also you have to add fresh content on your website regularly.

Yep unique content is important, add content as often as possible. Also you can create related pages to your website on facebook and other social media(and post there news and links to your website(that is for if you need more visitors).But if you need high ranking -- SEO

If you add your site to 5 PR-5 websites that relate in your topic and add new contents regularly. You will get top PR in every year. Do not throw your site to any seo companies because they are all using black hats to keep future down.

To rank on google you need to do SEO on your website. Also add new content on website. Find good company which do SEO. They provide the services of SEO.

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