I live north of Chicago and I finished college with a degree in Network Technologies. I also received the CompTIA A+/Network+ certifications. Even with that experience I have been unable to get even the most basic work in the IT field. I believe that this is because I don't have any hands-on experience other than working on my own home computers and routers.

Does anyone know what I can do to get experience or work? I don't care if it’s out of state or country. I just need to find something, and no one is replying to my resume submissions locally. Are there any states that are in greater demand of IT Technicians? Also, is it easier to get a job out of country, and if so, how would I go about that? Also, how does the language barrier work with jobs in other countries?

Another thing that has popped up a couple of times is possibly doing IT work for the Peace Corps. However, I have had a couple of people tell me that the work the Peace Corps would give me is low skill and that no business would care to see it on a resume. Is that true? Is going into the Peace Corps a good or bad idea?

Does anyone have any suggestions??? I’m willing to do almost anything.


Move to new zealand they want IT people there and they tend to pay higher then the average for most fields

Move to new zealand they want IT people there and they tend to pay higher then the average for most fields

not sure about new zeland but theres a lot of i.t jobs going here int he u.k, especially in london, average wage is between 35,000 and 80,000 gbp p/a. have you looked into what your qualifactions would mean in countries outside the u.s?


try universities. They will give a new guy a chance and you get to learn from some master gurus about a system that is currently running and usually serves a lot of folk


India has a lot of opportunities for IT jobs. You could try your luck here. And I don't just mean Call Centers. There are a number of hi tech projects going on in companies like Infosys, i-Flex, Hexaware etc. You could upload your resume to some Indian job sites like www.naukri.com, www.monster.com and www.timesjobs.com. Good luck.