Are they still coming in? I made a change about two hours ago and was wondering if that fixed the problem.

Correct. It is rather random. I compared 4 good emails and 4 bad emails but found nothing consistent in the headers.

Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"


Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

Also, can you please send me the actual contents of the messages?

No -- they quit a few hours ago. I fail at comparing message headers. I think you got it :)

I forwarded you the two emails to your daniwebmail

I got them. And I think I figured out the problem.

Please give a detailed error message expaining when you get html vs plaintext mail, which emails it happens for, and please show me the contents of the email and email headers.

I have taken a screen shot of an email for a forum subscription and is attached to this post. (I blanked out personal details in black) It shows how instead of showing a styled email, there is all this html code.

Eek, so it's still happening!? I really need to see the full email + headers. Can you email it to me?

Just found this bug when going to the social groups page.

Running google chrome 3.0
windows 7

Also, what is the point of social groups? Is that just like an easy place to have a sub-forum?

This is a change with the upgrade. For the language specific forums it will default the language the forum's language if not specified, or if you specify an invalid language.

IE if I post in the VB.NET forum with the [code=csharp]it will use VB.NET because "csharp" is not valid, where as if I post in the forum with [code=C#]it will override the syntax and use C# coloring. If you don't want any syntax coloring you could do:

Total time for request: 0.308465003967 XXXXXXXXXX3738246550#Messages Sent1

If you specify any formatting options inside of the code tags without a language specified then the system realizes you're doing the formatting and it won't apply a format.

Thanks for that sknake and that info should be in a pinned topic if not already.

> If anybody reads this and is pinning topics *coughcough* please take a
> look at:

You can of course go ahead and create a sticky-worth thread in the forum you feel appropriate and PM the concerned sub-forum moderator regarding the same; that should get the job done. If everything else fails, PM me. :-)