Safari 4.0.3 is out now and available for download from Apple, for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

While there are the usual claims of making things more stable when using third party plugins and in particular for handling the HTML 5 video tag, it is with regards to security strengthening and bug squishing that the real interest lies.

So with the latest update Apple says it has fixed issues which impacted upon users logging in to the document sharing service, an Apple service embarrassingly enough and I should have said prevented users logging on to be precise. Other bugs trampled underfoot include an odd retro effect one which could make some content online display not in colour but in a grey scale rendering instead.

Apple calls them security fixes, I say they are simply more bug fixes by another name. Whatever the semantics of the situation, Apple has patched an EXIF data flaw which could lead to a remote code execution on the Windows platform, the same flaw which had already been resolved for Mac users incidentally. What else, about the only thing of note I can see is the beefing up of floating point processing code to prevent buffer overflow exploits.