Edit/delete button (during 30 min after post) seems to have gotten problems after site change. It doubles the post instead of editing it and does not still allow cancelling the post.

I agree with you. I also faced the same problem.

This cool new design is making ugly problems. :X

I only wish they could make it usable from my Nokia. The wide banner is really nasty for the browser in small screen (still). The login does not work in SkyFire, reply loses your text if you try to put tags...

There is still many duplicates in messages since the change. Seems mainly to affect code snipet section. I did not realise the new arrangement of code snipet and explanation and put it in message style. That was corrected by editors in one case, thanks for that (even they combined two code blocks, so making it unrunnable, but I think mostly the users know to separate the code and model output. (Of course at leas putting it to docstrings """ would have been better)

Dani is monitoring the feedback forum and bugs are being squashed and tweaks applied, however this does take a little time and has to be done on a priority list basis, so please bear with us.

I appreciate your hard work. I only wanted to bring awareness of growing popularity of small screen mobile devices from here NokiaLand, and to include them to your testing.

I would really like if forum had mobile friendly version that had instead of the banner Dan logo button to another screen and that links to pages (also My Favorites Forum scrolls first the posts in Nokia Browser) where not down after 20 posts.