I'm back too... just saying.. XD

HIDE!!! :icon_twisted:

Portgas D. Ace commented: ;) +0

Thanks all, it's good to be back home at DaniWeb after a bit of a rough few weeks...

Welcome back Davey....you are the real Daddy.

Well, I wish you a very good luck Davey..
Verily, whoever gives a hand to people, will be given a helping hand when he faces trials of life.
And wish you a very good luck in administration, Narue.

I hope you're better now!

Good Karma comes around and kisses you when you need it. I needed it, it kissed me, and I'm pretty much back to the old Davey now - although not everyone might think that's a good thing. Spammers watch out... :)

^^Glad you're back matey.

Not sure what is going on in your life but yeah karma always gets its pay-back. Ciao.

A bit late to the welcoming party but, "welcome back Davey". :-)

sorry, been away... welcome back brother!

Thanks Eyal :)