We just got a wired internet connection set up in the house. We had a linksys router and tried to connect it to the modem. We can get on the internet through the wire, but when we try to connect wirelessly, it's not working. It askes us for the password, but we don't know if we have one. If we connect without the password, there is limited or no connectivity. We called linksys and they told us to go to, but the usual password (admin) did not work. We tried a whole bunch of other combinations that were recommended, but nothing works. How can we fix this problem and get connected wirelessly?

the wireless signal the router is actually broadcasting is secured so that none your neighbors and other people can connect to the wireless network for your laptop to connect successfully you need to enter that password. if you dont have that exact password your last option is to access your router to verify the password.

Yep, the router is configured with a Wifi Password. This password was set when the router was 1st configured.

Cabling up a PC to the router and hitting will bring up the admin control for the router. Again, this router must have had the admin id/pw changed during the initial config.

If you don't have any of these items, or have forgotten them, then the only thing you can do is reset the router to factory defaults and start over. If you reset, you will lose ALL EXISTING CONFIGS. So make sure you know what you are doing and what is required to get back online. Is the modem bridging a conenection or does it make the PPPoE auth for you? If the router is doing PPPoE auth, make sure you have the id/pw. You reset to defaults with a paper clip inserted into the reset hole while powering on the unit (hold it in for 30 secs).

When you reset, you WILL be offline so make sure you have all the internet resources you need before trying it, including Linksys tech supp # and your ISP tech supp #.

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