My Gateway Solo 2150 has a problem which I've concluded is a dead CMOS battery. When it boots after being without power, it shows the date and time as being midnight 1/1/2000.

Supposing that I do need to replace the CMOS battery, does anyone know
how to open up this laptop to access it?


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Try locating three screws that hold the keyboard in place turn laptop over left keyboard out be gentle not to rip ribbion cable out and sure see batterie somewhere in the middle, if not remove all screws and take out lcd display then remove top part and located batterie, Hope this help.

Thank you. Following your directions did allow me to lift the keyboard and replace the battery. However, I found that the screws on the underside have nothing to do with holding the keyboard. The keyboard is only held in place by its plastic backing plate snap under tabs in the front (by the space-bar etc.). Your directions to lift it from the front did the trick.

I'm a member, and this information was very pertinent because I was able to locate the CMOS battery and change it. The CMOS battery is located under the key board, near the center of the computer. Your statement to pry with a small screwdriver or knife in the front of the key board near the space bar GENTLY did work. GREAT information. Thanks!

I have a Gateway Solow model 2550, and the CMOS batery is nowhere under the keyboard. I followed the instructions given here, and no CMOS batery can be found under the keyboard. By the way, four screws across the back edge, one on each side of the two hinges, after removed, allows the cover plate just above the keyboard to lift off, so four other screws can be removed to let the keyboard be removed, gently. Where else should I look?

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