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Been wondering why there's been so much necroposting recently - and not from your usual fly-byers or scum-spammers either. Could it be anything to do with the 'Related Article' above the editor? Having clicked on a few of these, it took me to articles at least 3 years old. Any thoughts?

Necroposting -- I had to look that one up.

Its nothing new -- people have been doing that for years. I haven't noticed any increase on DaniWeb in recent weeks.

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I haven't noticed any increase on DaniWeb in recent weeks.

Seems a little up in the PHP forum. Just wondering...
I really like the related article thing, but is it encouraging people to post to dead threads? I suppose that's a difficult one to answer.

The problem is that once the member is taken to an "old" thread via the "related article" link, the reply box doesn't show "how" old the original question is. It is kind of given that new members will think that it is OK to respond to the thread. For e.g. one of the articles I navigated to, which was solved 8 years back just shows me "this thread has been solved".

I don't think that is enough to stop newbies from resurrecting old stuff. I think a bit more detail like "This thread is XX years old; if you want to ask a new question pertaining to this topic, please create a new thread" with the "create a new thread" part linked to "create a new article" URL.

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