Hi everyone

i am doing article for my website and i am submitting
them on numbers of site so is it good for me.
I don't know that what is actual article posting strategy .

please help me....

So why do it? If you don't know how to swim are you going to jump into a deep pool? Before you do anything you should research the activity and weigh out the benefits/consequences. Ask yourself, are you writing this article for people to read or is it in hopes that the search engine will rank your site better? If it is for the latter then you are likely wasting your time.

  1. Research for websites or blogsites that allow article submission/guest posting.
  2. Research their niche
  3. Write worthy articles related to their niche

Its better do not use same article to publish multiple sites. Do write more uique and publish it.

You can repeat the same article for multiple sites. One thing we should remember that content should be unique( not copied content).

Hi... there is a place for link building through articles. If you have unique and high quality content, then there are a lot of free article directories out there that will help you promote your business or website.

Hey if your article have quality content and you are using genuine link in it .. Then it surely works for you.. Then it will increase your web traffic and increase your ranking of the website..

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