We frown upon this question being asked here because it turns into a spamfest. But if you do a site search, you'll come up with quite a few hundred in a list.

Ranking of article sites are jammed nowadays because of the panda update. Some article sites that are number 1 last year or the past months has drop their rankings after the panda update.

EzineArticles,Suite101, Helium, ArticleDashboard,ArticleBase , GoArticles , WebProNews are some of the best article websites

Ezinearticles, articlesnatch, sooperarticles, articlerich are good article websites. If you search in Google, you would come up with a huge article website list.

1- Ezine Article
2- Hub Pages
3- Google Knol
4- Squidoo
Are they best sites which help you generate quality backlink and traffic from these sites.


These sites give dofollow links.

dear what about the hubpages dear....
web masters what u think that it is hubpages is a good site which give some PR juices

There are number of article sites ti submit the articles. According to my experience Article Snatch, Idea marketer, Article Base, Ezine article, Amazine, Go Article are best article sites for submit article.


Ezine articles, go articles, articlerich, hubpages these are the sites who give do follow links. you can find online for more article sites list!

I think lots of the people share their knowledge about the article directories above i just want to add onething that all the best article sites approve only those articles wich are unique and free of marketing.

Some of the most important and successful online content publishing sites - EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com, ArticleDashboard.com, SearchWarp.com, ArticlesBase.com, iSnare.com, SelfGrowth.com, Buzzle.com, ArticleCity.com, IdeaMarketers.com, ArticleAlley.com, Web-Source.net, SelfSEO.com, Amazines.com, ArticleTrader.com ,SearchGuild.com, WebWorldIndex.com, ArticleSphere.com, BusinessKnowHow.com, PromotionWorld.com, ArticlesFactory.com ,ExcellentGuide.com/article, ContentDesk.com, ArticleCube.com, AfroArticles.com, ArticleBiz.com.

If you want to do article submission then must take care of your authority creation.


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