As much as I love watching (most definately not stalking -shakes head-) this when I have spare time at work.

Would it be possible to add a drop down at the top which could isolate different sections of the website, for example only see activity occuring in the C# forum? Would be useful for monitoring the forums you can actually respond too :)

Alternatively an array of checkboxes listing all available sections would allow you to customise the feed slightly to be personal to your interests :) (Althought would look quite messy unless theres methods of doing this im not thinking about until writing this such as the ability to hide them when not wanting to change options).

ChrisHunter commented: Good idea +0

Unfortunately this isn't something that we could do in the near future. When initially designing the activity feed, the idea was to have the ability to sort by forum. However, for one reason or another, this changed and now we no longer maintain the forums in the database. Would need to weigh the pros/cons if I were to recode the activity feed to go down this route, and it doesn't seem like it would be useful to many.

Ah fair enough, sounds far too much hassle for what it is worth :)