I have just joined daniweb 1 day ago and I have posted 3 articles, No help whatsoever, not even a comment! This is clearly the WORST Help website i've ever used! I regret joining!

At least you waited a whole 11 hours before complaining about not getting help. Keep in mind that the forum is a volunteer effort. If you want to guarantee immediate help, you'll need to find a paid support service.

I also notice that two of your articles are not trivial questions (fewer people are likely qualified to help you), and the third is a job offer.

Clearly you have unrealistic expectations.

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People will help if they want to... it's a free membership forum not a paid membership forum... if you want assisstance either ask better questions or as deceptikon said, join a paid membership site....

@c++ultimate do you really need help or just rooming around here to abuse the forum.. just get don't make patethic comments here.. if you need immediate help follow the administrators.. and you'll get all your answers their PERSONALLY!!!


It is also worth noting, c++ultimate, in your posts requesting help, you provide us with no code you have attempted or anything along those lines at all.

Generally when I'm trying to do something new I still have enough intelligence to google around and find some sort of code/api for what is being done and make an attempt at it. Once the attempt it made people can then help you correct what is not working and explain why allowing you to learn.

I personally, and probably speak for the majority here, do not log into this forum daily to write others code for them. I get paid to do that by my employer. I simply provide others with help when they are stuck and show some kind of effort made on their behalf beforehand.

Take your question here for example. I have no knowledge of c++ whatsoever apart from knowing cout writes to console (even then im probably wrong). The post mentions license keys and socket programming. So if you engaged brain a little we could easily work out that going to Google and searching "C++ socket programming" would teach you how to do the linking part with your computer and secondly another Google (shocking I know) of "C++ implementing licensing" returns at least two decent articles on different methods of doing it on the first page. From those two Google's alone and some brain power your question is on its way to being solved. But you have done none of these it seems to us and if I were to post in the C++ forum and had the knowledge to do so, you would be getting a LMGTFY link.

Read the "Read before posting" post and think when you ask questions and you'll get somewhere on this forum.

PS. You've spelt "appreciate" wrong in the one line of text you've got on the front page of your website.

Well of course I have posted no code! Im looking for a partner to work on it with!

@ c++,

You may well be, but still most members will not, how to word it..., write code for you kind of thing. We are most happy to step in and see what you yourself have managed and assist, but showing some form of effort on your behalf beforehand works wonders trust me.

Did you just call me a thing?


God no, you misinterpret me, its more of a saying.

Perhaps you have misinterpreted the word "help". Help in this context is mostly advice and sometimes ideas or just comments. The advice may include some code but this isn't a free version of Odesk or Elance. You are basically asking for development resources to do work for you (help with your website, build a licensing system...). A promise of some kind of payment in the future isn't worth much so you are really looking for people with skills and knowledge that you are lacking to spend their time doing work for you for free. People on these forums can come up with their own projects so they aren't highly motivated to build/modify someone else's project for them. They may be willing to provide coding advice to those who post code that isn't working properly but they aren't checking the forums hourly in the hope that someone will ask them to develop something for them.

If you have no money to offer, then the development is probably going to be up to you. If you run into problems, then you can post (a small amount of) code and ask for some help. On the other hand, there are free website templates out there that are quite usable and don't require a lot of custom work. A licensing system probably isn't something that you want to be building yourself anyway (or paying someone else to build). If your code is worth protecting and licensing, then it's worth the investment in a proper protection and licensing system.

If you don't want to use things off the shelf and you can't do it yourself, then its probably going to cost your something. In that case, you should look into Odesk, Elance or maybe Fiverr if it's something small.

Would you be willing to help me with a project?

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No, the licensing system is another challenge I have set a goal for myself and I want to write it into a pawn program I am producing.

It's better that you ask questions and learn to do it without distraction from others than have a collaboration with someone and force them into all the work and only asking one possible quesiton, "Why isn't my name on the very top?"...

Think about it... just learn it yourself, even if it's a project for school where is their credit?

Nick Evan, that's not very nice lol :)
(but i agree... people are things depending on which point of view)

Don't worry Nick is a Llama in denial.

What project you have to work with?? Am guessing you're still not clear what exactly you need from this thread.. just clarify the things and work out don't waste others time!!