Ok, as my previous post on this topic stands, I need to make a C++ licensing system where I can Enter A New License code into the database as the software is created, But I need it to be able to be licensed through the internet, such as: The user would enter their license code and the program would connect to my computer and check the database and see if the code was active or not, if so it would license it, if not, it would issue an error message. So, Bottom line: licensing my software through a socket. Help PLEASE!! i've been trying for a long time but never got it.

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Why did you create a second thread for the same question?

@deceptikon Because nobody answered the first one!
I really need help with coding the software!

Because nobody answered the first one!

That's not a good reason when your first thread is still on page 1.

I really need help with coding the software!

If you're depending on random people on a forum to complete your project, you'll fail. Guaranteed. But I'll bite. Do you know anything about sockets? Your question suggests not, so I'll link you here. And your ability to ask an answerable question is also severely lacking, so I'll also link you to here.

Please read both links in their entirety and learn what they have to teach. If you post another thread asking the same question, I'll delete it as a duplicate.

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