Yes, my sincere apologies. :( It's been a dreadful month for me. I'll try to make it up to you guys ;)

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Don't worry about it. Get better. Nobody's complaining.

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finally we have the winner list. :)
Unfortunately i couldn't complete my app and participate due to my project work.Will try to complete and share the android app soon :)

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Can you give us any info with regard to the app? Sounds very interesting. What will it do?

android app to retrieve latest post,registered user's info,geo tagging according to member location(currently auth part is left,after that i willwork on user's post,reply).Will start working on auth from tomorrow

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Excellent - can't wait.

Thanks Dani... got the voucher.

You're welcome guys. What about the other two of you? Did you get yours as well?

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Thanks Dani. Received this p.m. Am busy filling my basket :)

I can't decide what to buy with mine. Everything I want costs more than what I got, and funds are a little tight at the moment. Maybe I'll just have to wait until I win future contests with Amazon gift cards as prizes, since the gift cards never expire.


I haven't looked yet, but am sure it will be books.

--update: 4 books on TFS/ALM. Thanks again.

If any of you is expert in anything...never do it for free :D

Why not? Do you have something against volunteerism? Most of the answers on Daniweb are provided by unpaid volunteers.

my dear jim,just chill!! i just posted a dialogue of my favourite movie "the dark knight"..ofcourse i support your motive as well as volunteerism whole heartedly.. :) n i know..none of the admins like jokes on serious i promise wont repeat that in future.:) so happy??

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i know..none of the admins like jokes on serious i promise wont repeat that in future.:) so happy??

I think the admins and us lowly mods have a pretty healthy sense of humour - even on serious topics. Keep joking - maybe they'll get better ;)

my dear jim,just chill

Sorry. I missed the smiley the first time.