It's time yet again for a DaniWeb Developer Competition!!

This time the goal is to utilize our new API launched last month.

There's a lot that you can do with our API. Essentially it allows your application (web, desktop, mobile, etc) to tap into DaniWeb's backend. Your own application can use DaniWeb's login mechanism, you can write a native mobile app for DaniWeb, you can create your own completely unique front-end for the site, there really are limitless possibilities.

Unlike previous programming contests on DaniWeb which judged submissions based on style of code, efficiency, etc., this competition will be based on the overall final product.

First Prize: $300 Amazon gift certificate
Second Prize: $125 Amazon gift certificate
Third Prize: $75 Amazon gift certificate

Code submissions should be posted within the code snippet library for their language. Downloadable apps, websites, etc. should be posted within the Show Off Your Projects forum within Business Exchange.

Be sure to tag all submissions with both daniweb-api and daniweb-api-contest-submission

Good luck!!!!! :)

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Campaign submissions will be accepted from now up through the end of May.

Voting will take place in June.


The API code snippet competition is being extended to allow submissions up through the end of August, effectively turning it into a full-length summer competition.

The reason for the very extended deadline is because the competition came right on the heels of the API being released, and I completely didn't realize the amount of time it would take to get acquainted with the building blocks of the API before anything could really be developed.

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Cool!!!! Wow. Those prizes are great!

Are there any rules, age restrictions or specific requirements (other than it having to include the Daniweb API)?

And in agreement to diafol, a very generous set of prizes!

I think you need to be 18 to receive an Amazon gift certificate, but I'm not sure.

I think you need to be 18 to receive an Amazon gift certificate, but I'm not sure.

I don't think so, it could be a rule but i have managed to bypass that a couple of times.

i have managed to bypass that a couple of times.

Figures :)

So who here has plans to write something up? :)

Plans yes, for now just lacking the right idea. Well, that and I haven't really looked at the available functionality yet.

Figures :)

I know what your thinking, "kids these days".

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Hmm. I can imagine a SMartphone app would be a great move, but unfortunately my ObC/Java are non-existent. Equally, a desktop app, possibly for the horrible W8? Either way, I rule myself out of those. Thinking of maybe doing a 'control centre' webpage, but that's a bit lame.
How about CSS-newspaperifying HappyGeeks' (and others') news stories?

How about CSS-newspaperifying HappyGeeks' (and others') news stories?

What do you mean by that? Re-designing the emails is what you mean right? If so, you have a clever idea :)

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Not emails. THinking of an old-style newspaper page - wrinkled edges, sepia tones etc. However, not very useful . :)

However, not very useful . :)

But fun: "Happygeek Times"

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But fun: "Happygeek Times"

Most certainly :)

But fun: "Happygeek Times"

Happygeek will be honored :)

Happygeek used to write for the real Times (and had a column in the Sunday Times) back in the nineties. What goes around comes around :)

Does anyone know the deadline for this contest?

Read the second post of the thread :) Submissions up through the end of May.

Read the second post of the thread :) Submissions up through the end of May.

Ah, silly me. Thanks for the pointer.

May 31st, 2013. I'll be putting something toether.

Hehe, good luck speedy.

the ideas are sooo many i don't know what to do. i thing doing a mobil app and a desktop app that sync together and danweb to keep you up to date what do you guy think

Anyone working on anything good? :)

Not since I decided to take a different approach. Only improving and documenting my wrapper classes.

I had a good idea, but not sure entirely how to go about it since the api can't do exactly what I would need it for.

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I'm still working with an sql interface - but I suppose it's more of a side project for me than an entry for the competition. Was thinking of developing an all-in one command centre, iRC included - got the embedded irc in a pulltab. It's just a matter of time - I don't seem to have enough. :(