This came across me the other day, and it got me thinking. Let's assume I have a very quick question, for example, I had one the other day:

How much implementation can you actually put inside a constructor?

For me, personally, I did not want to make a post about this, as, I wanted a general snappy answer and of course, it is based on peoples opinions etc.. Instead, what I did (shameful) was reach out to a group of C++ developers on Facebook, who, provided me with a quick response in a kind of chat style theme which, involved multiple people commenting and started a kind of debate.

Why can't we have that on DaniWeb? So, if you want, you can ask a 'Quick' question, someone could then pick it up, providing a chat-like response, and, if the question is too long, i.e. Here is a 100000 lines of code, find the error the people who are responding to the 'Quick Help' can move it to a forum thread where more help can be given.

Just a thought (:

You could try Daniweb chat for such things. ;) However, I don't think this kind of question is unsuited to a thread, especially since you might get a large number of differing opinions and a very interesting debate out of it.