Hi, just a report to say that when you click on a link to go directly to a post, the page scrolls too far and it becomes hidden under the top menu banner. In order to see the beginning of the post you have to scroll back up.

This is happening on the latest version of Chrome. I haven't checked any other browsers.

I'm running Chrome version 30.0.1599.69 m and I'm not seeing that problem.

Yeah, I had noticed that a while back. Me and some others have talked about it on the initial "bug thread" for the new interface.

I guess this may be a forgotten item on Dani's todo list. Thanks for the reminder.

It's on the list. IIRC it's kind of tricky to calculate the size of the hover area and scroll accordingly.

It's not tricky to calculate the size of the hover area. It's tricky to come up with a cross-browser way of scrolling a relative amount of where the hash anchor places you without overwriting the hash anchor ... across all browsers.

It's a minor annoyance but nothing major, just thought I'd bring it to your attention if no one else had. Thanks for the replies.