Hello everyone,

I am looking for a banner/slider for both images and text. I want to be able to display 3 articles that are attached to the blog I am making and have them rotate, Here is an image of where the content will go.


I would like a slider like this one: Click here but with the query string and while string to show in the right places. Any ideas would be helpful, I already have a php code for this:

            $sql = 'SELECT * FROM `blog` ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT 0,3';
            $result = mysql_query($sql);

            while ($record = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){
              $url = $record['productname'];
              $text = $record['price'];
              echo'<img src="images/blog/'.$record['img'].'" alt="pic" width="252" height="109" />';
              echo' <h3>'.$record['blogtitle'].',</h3>';
              echo' <p class="midText">';?><?php $position=22;

                $post = substr($message, 0, $position);

              echo $post;
              echo '...<font size="-2"><a href="blog.php?blogid='.$record['id'].'">Read More</a></font>'; ?>
              echo'<p class="midText2">Next article will show here.</p>';



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I'm lost as to what you want. The sample html for the slider in one the page you linked to. Can't you spit out the html from php?

What i am trying to acheive here is have the slider move all the elements that is listed in the php code, by using something similar to the one i posted but have the elements on a delay, The picture should go first, the title, quick text and next article should go after that.

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